improve security

meet compliance

protect against credential loss & theft

protect against data loss & theft

protect service & external access

delegate access

mask & encrypt data


of malicious data breaches are due to credential loss


average cost per data breach in USD


of companies store database credentials in spreadsheets

improve productivity

more than a technology issue - it’s a human problem


of breaches due to human error in configuration or expiry of permissions


of people find implementing and testing network, server, and data privacy controls extremely time consuming


of people find it hard to change and manage security controls after the fact

reduce manual configuration and processes

quickly implement access and privacy controls

plug-and-play zero-trust and data privacy solution

centralized control & enterprise visibility


transparently secure sessions and data on the wire


Unified Resource Access

a single multi-factored identity across all your networks

single-sign-on for servers and databases​

simplify and secure access management​

gain enterprise visibility on resource access

flatten complex networks

eliminate VPN switching​

eliminate manual management of server ssh keys, firewall rules, VPN and database credentials​


safeguards for your systems and data

Privileged Access Management

Support a least privilege strategy.

Multi-factor all ssh,sftp and database tool access.

Record and playback session activity.

Real-time Activity Monitoring

Monitor access to systems, sensitive data and data privacy policy endorsements.

Perimeter Safeguards

Secure your perimiter with the inbuilt wireguard VPN and connection policies.

Data Privacy Safeguards

role based masking & encryption of sensitive data in applications and databases.


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